Hi there! I am the owner of DēSH & Co and also the primary education instructor. I have worked very hard to create my own installation method with beaded row extensions, now known as The DēSH method. I Co-own Trend Pittsburgh Salon. This is where I perform this service behind the chair, everyday. I can’t wait to share more about myself and DēSH & Co. with you all!

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Carly Deshantz


Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Chess. I am the Co-Owner of Trend Pittsburgh Salon. Carly taught me the DēSH method early on in her extension journey, I have been learning from her through all the trial and error and I can say with confidence that she has completely mastered the best possible method there is. I’m so excited to be part of her DēSH education team and to help all of you learn this too! It will truly change your career.

Taylor Chess