The Desh beaded row extension is simple to learn and the best method of extensions to offer your clients. We create rows between the natural hair with a few beads and yarn in the hair. The wefts get sewed onto the beaded row, so the only thing attached to your clients hair is a few beds that have silicone coating inside which prevents damage. As the clients hair grows, the weft grows down with the clients hair. There are no glues or chemicals which allows for healthy hair growth and zero damage!

Why your salon should offer the Desh row method?

It will increase your sales by 50% the first year, if done correctly after the class. Prices for this extension installation method start at $175 a row, some clients get 1 to 3 rows. The process takes between 30 to 90 minutes. You will then see this client every 6 to 10 weeks for move ups (re-installs), depending on their hair growth. The reaction on your clients face after they see how amazing they look and just how non-damaging the install process and hair are, will be worth every penny you put into this. We are with you every step of the way!

What makes our hair different than other brands?

Russian hair is lighter than other brands that you’re familiar with, like Chinese or other European brands. So the weight in grams of the hair is higher than other companies. Our hair is 90 to 99% virgin Russian hair. This makes the quality of hair the best on the market. There are a few reasons why, one being that our hair is not processed by chemical bleaching. To get lighter colors, the hair is soaked in ice cold water for up to eight days. Russians are born with every color hair you see on our website, with the exception of the dimensional ones. We don’t offer a lot of dimensional colors because we like to keep the hair as virgin as possible. With that being said it’s easily the best extension brand that you can customize perfectly to your customer needs.


Machine Weft

Machine wefts are created by machines, they are the most affordable weft because they can be created quickly. They work well for people that have medium to thick hair. The extensions will last for about 6 to 8 months of use, with proper care. One pack is good for two rows doubled with 100 grams in a pack. These wefts can be cut to fit your client’s head.

Flat Silk Weft

Flat Silk wefts are more difficult to be created making them more costly versus machine wefts. These wefts are best for thin to thick hair. Flat silk is the best for sensitive scalps to prevent any irritation. The only difference in the installation process between the machine and flat silk wefts is that flat silks requires a little extra stitch work. (pointer you would want to keep you stitches closer together) One pack is good for two rows doubled with 100 grams in a pack. These wefts can also be cut.


Coloring Extensions

You can deposit or tone our extensions but you cannot bleach or high-lift them. That will lead to discoloration of the extensions. We cannot guarantee that toning the extensions with the toner you normally use will have the same result as if you were toning human hair. We cannot refund or exchange the extensions after they’ve been colored or removed from the package.

Color Matching

When matching your client’s extensions, please purchase the closest color to the color desired post toning. We offer color swatches to help you match properly if you can’t make it to our store. If you’re ever unsure of what color to choose, please contact us or come in to the store.

Hair Details

Although the extensions are human hair, they are created and processed in a factory. They are coated in silicone to protect the longevity of the hair extensions. This allows the extensions to last anywhere from 6-8 months and retain their color for a longer period of time.